Recent Craft Projects – Part 1

Whilst we’re waiting for the Spring Box to be released, here’s a little look at some of the other craft projects I’ve been working on recently.

Over Christmas and New Year I indulged in a whole two weeks off work, to spend mainly at home crafting. I decided to use the time to make a few of the craft kits I have mounting up from both holidays and presents.

Here’s part 1 of a little round-up of the things I completed!


First up, we have two kit’s that I was given by a friend for Christmas. They are both Kogen kits, which is a style of Japanese tapestry I hadn’t tried before

I started with the needlebook kit because it was in English. But this was quickly followed by the button kit, which whilst in Japanese, was very easy to follow.

I love how these big buttons turned out and now I’m just waiting for the perfect use for them.

Miniature house


Another present that I got for Christmas was this ‘Fantasy Forest’ miniature kit. I’ve made a few of these ‘Cute Room’ kits now and they are all pretty similar. They have English photo instructions that are normally pretty easy to follow, but the tiny scale of everything does tend to make them pretty fiddly makes that require a bit of patience (along with tweezers and some good glue). Your patience is rewarded in the end, with a cute house filled of teeny tiny details!

The the kit included the parts to make a decorative box that the house could go inside, but I decided to skip making that, since I just wanted to display the treehouse.

It even comes with some little lights to wire up – although you do need to provide some little coin batteries for these.


‘Billy Dollshouse’ small kits

I think Billy dollshouse are most known for their range of traditional and retro Japanese building kits, which you can find in number of shops in Japan as they’ve become quite popular as souvenirs, as well as on (and amazon uk but they are pretty expensive!). However, they also do these much smaller kits and I had a couple I’d picked up on holiday.

The instructions are in Japanese and only have a few drawings. Luckily these are simple kits where you’re just arranging the parts as they are in the photo and sticking them to a wooden base, so it’s easy to figure out! After not much time at all, I had a couple of completed cute mini scenes.

And that’s it for part 1. I’ll post part 2 soon!